15 Minute Migraine Relief Review

15 Minutes to Migraine Relief by Rick Olderman, is a comprehensive program that shows you how to take healing into your own hands.

Rick graduated from physical therapy school in 1996.

After failing to help his patients adequately, he realized that standard physical therapy education left him unprepared to truly help people with chronic pain or nagging injuries. As a result Rick has spent the last 20+ years developing his pioneering approach.

Shortly after Rick took over a small physical therapy clinic in Denver in 2012, business grew very rapidly due to word-of-mouth referrals and physicians seeing his rapid and lasting results for their most difficult patients. Body in Balance Physical Therapy has become the clinic to recover from painful injuries. He has trained all his therapists in his revolutionary approach to fixing pain and is sought out for help around the world.

One of the driving forces behind Rick’s search for answers was his own chronic back pain which began before he attended school. Not finding the answers in PT school, Pilates, personal training or yoga, Rick realized a fundamental element connecting movement, structure and pain was missing from most disciplines.

He has dedicated these past two decades to unravel the secrets about how the body works to create and eliminate pain. He has distilled his discoveries down to a very simple system anyone can follow.

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You’ll get 10 videos – in your choice of DVD or digital copy – that give you everything you need to target your girdle root system to help relieve migraines and headaches.

With instant digital access you can start right away—getting immediate relief from pain and nipping future attacks in the bud.

This healing package includes his core program, featuring 6 videos that help relieve migraines and headaches at their source:

- Find out WHY you’re having pain in the first place. Discover more about the anatomical connection between your girdle system and chronic migraine pain so you can address this key problem.

- His Pain Reduction Video Series. Start slowly and master simple moves that reduce your pain and free up your movements so that you can begin to heal your headaches.

- A detailed session with step-by-step instruction and visual references so you feel confident you’re doing each exercise correctly.  

- The simple way to start each session so you can easily track your progress and stay encouraged by your results.

- His Restoration Series. Once your pain has lessened, go deeper into healing this key source of your migraines so you can start doing all your favorite activities again.

- Customized to you: Modifications allow you to adjust the program for your unique body and ability…

- Special “express video” lets you complete the entire healing protocol in just 15 minutes.

PLUS, you get 4 special bonus videos that show you :

- 30-second test pinpoints one of the key causes of chronic headaches. Try this simple move to confirm this treatment will work for you. 

- Simple trick for immediate pain relief. Using one common drug store item, you’ll discover how to instantly stop chronic pain and prevent future migraines. 

- Which everyday habits could be making your headaches worse. Plus, what to do instead.

- Bonus treatments you can easily teach your family, friends, or body workers. Get simple massage and support techniques that will leave you feeling better than ever. 

Inside 15 Minutes to Migraine Relief You’ll also discover :

- The “Netflix Trick” that helps stop a migraine before it even starts. Help tomorrow’s migraine while you watch TV tonight!

- Simple technique pinpoints the exact moves migraine sufferers should avoid. Do this to avoid triggering another debilitating attack.

- Why migraine sufferers with tendonitis, bulged discs, or arthritis almost always get misdiagnosed. 

- Can the wrong fitness instructor do more damage to your body than a car wreck? If they instruct you to do THIS, experts say yes. 

- Is how you sleep aggravating your migraines or headaches? 4 tips to avoid pain-triggering slumber – no matter what position you sleep in.

- Rolling your shoulders back fixes your posture, right? WRONG! Why you should stop doing this immediately. (Plus, what to do instead.)

- What any migraine or headache sufferer MUST do before they buy another piece of furniture. 

- BEWARE: Yogis, gymnasts, dancers, and pilates practitioners. This common move puts you at risk for chronic migraines, tension headaches, and neck pain. 

- NEVER skip this simple 3-minute exercise if you want to get rid of migraines and headaches.

- Everyday habits that lead to debilitating headaches. Plus, two proven strategies to break these bad habits. 

- Simple breathing trick instantly improves posture and reduces shoulder strain. Use this anytime you feel a migraine or headache coming on. 

- Is this common office tool causing your head to throb? How to tweak your workspace for pain-free days.

And much more…

Rick’s approach will help restore vitality, strength, and flexibility to your body. Most importantly, you will gain control of and eliminate pain—for good.

Rick believes we all have the ability to solve our own pain and master our bodies given the right tools try now!

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